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Hulko, 2015

250 x 150 x 150 cm

Self-processed granite stone, rope, wood, brackets and screws

Stone with a self-made hole suspended from a wooden construction with a rope. Hulko is an old, Jutlandic expression for an adder stone; a stone with a naturally occurring hole through it. The hulko phenomenon is often associated with children playing with stones but also superstition. It is said that adder stones will bring luck, protection and survival.

Hulko was made in conjunction with the Summer Sculpture Søby Biennial on the island, Ærø (DK), 2016 and later moved to 'The Graveyard' at Skovsnogen - Deep Forest Artland, Kibæk, DK.

Installation views from Skovsnogen (DK), 2016.


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