457 x 179 x 43 cm.

The sign consists of a base of cement, an iron pipe and a red light box with the yellow text: Welcome. During daylight hours the batteries in the light box are charged by solar cells and light up after dark.

Excerpts from the artist statement:

I have been invited to open the International, non-contiguous sculpture garden, Earthbound Moon at a desert field outside the village Bledsoe (TX) in September 2010. Taking my starting point in this locality and the surroundings of Bledsoe (imagine mobile homes, oil drills and desert scenery), I have designed a site-specific and illuminated sculpture, which will take shape as a sign from a gas station.

Based in Bledsoe, its history and development over the years, I want to create a scenery where random passers-bys on their way to and from Bledsoe might wonder about the message, design and location of the sign. An object as this in the middle of nowhere might seem completely detached and isolated from its surroundings, but on one’s own it will also insistently light up in the rugged surroundings and thereby provide some fertile soil for optimism and perhaps a brighter future for the area. On the other hand, the sign seems to be dislocated to such a degree that it emphasizes Bledsoe's perhaps cinematic character, which leaves the area in a surreal identity that is even more disturbing and abandoned, and maybe now you will rather doubt the assertion of the sign: Welcome.

The sign is a permanent installation and is part of the Earthbound Moon projects.