Velkommen (Welcome)

200 x 140 x 10 cm.

Wood, screws, brass and paint.

A town gate for the windy and heavily trafficked street of Ålekistevej in Vanløse, Copenhagen (DK). The sign is situated by the entrance to the street near the lake, Damhussøen. It is a permanent installation that can be seen day and night.

Excerpts from the artist interview for the Lokal Global Plan newspaper:

I want to donate a sign to Ålekistevej as a city nameplate at the entrance to the street near the lake. It was produced in an old ornamented style with the inscription ‘Welcome to ÅLEKISTEVEJ’ carved in wood. Further down, the sign mentions the year of the street’s foundation and at the top there is a relief of an eel trap (Ålekiste). The sign has been painted blue and the text itself is gold, which gives a ceremonious impression and adds authority and character to the area.

I have been very preoccupied by Ålekistevej, its history and development through time and I hope that the work will create wonder and curiosity among the passers by. That people will see their local area with new eyes. A sign such as this will probably seem completely out of place and isolated but it will also insistently remind the passer by of the history contained in the area. Maybe this way one would enter the area with greater awe and respect. On the other hand, the design of the sign may seem so disconnected from its surroundings that it rather points out what might be regarded as a worrying development in the area, which would in stead make you doubt the sign’s nostalgia. Almost like a desperate search for identity.

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