Main Street Events

In collaboration with Jens Axel Beck (DK)

For a period of one month we were invited to West Chicago by the local People Made Visible organization. From the simulated image we had of the town, through online research and our European eye on American culture more generally, we organized a number of site-specific art projects under the following headlines Be Remembered, and Our History.

Be Remembered

Variable dimensions

Pavillon, a raffle drum, 600 tickets, t-shirts, table, chairs, posters, banners, candy, bucket, brass plaque, oak tree, etc.

During the annual flower festival of West Chicago, we set up a raffle with only one winner ticket for a memorial in the city park. The winner was the Herbst family and an oak tree was planted in the city park along with a memorial plaque with the inscription 'In Honor of the Herbst Family', which was later revealed in an official manner.

Our History

Variable dimensions

Isolation fence, 'No tresspassing' sign,
information sign, strings, pegs, shovels,
brushes, buckets, wheelbarrow, glass
display cases, various found objects from
excavation such as stones, bricks, glass,
metal, coins, plastic, rubber, coal, textiles and more.

'Our History', which was an archaeological
dig at one of the empty city lots, which
was mainly used as a car park for the local
church visitors. We sealed off the area and set up information signs which explained our
enterprise. Next, the found objects, from near or distant past, was unveiled at the local history museum.