Invitation Letter

7 x 30 x 7 cm.

Wine bottle in transparent glass, wine stopper in plastic, wax, ink on paper, tape and ribbon.

A bottle with the message of an invitation letter that is inviting the finder of the bottle to Denmark. This is a reaction to the fact that you need an invitation letter and VISA for entering for instance, Russia and also to the discussion, that has recently taken place in Denmark concerning the increase of border controls. Before 1914, it was possible to travel from Paris to Saint Petersburg without a passport but today the land borders have increasingly been highlighted again and free movements controlled. With this bottle, I am trying to start a discrete cross border communication and inviting the finder of this bottle to Denmark. However, the changes for this bottle to vanish on sea are at big risk – and the communication will then get lost.

The Invitation Letter was thrown into The Baltic Sea near the Lithuanian-Russian border as part of the art project Message in a bottle at Nida Art Colony (LT), January 2012.