In Memory of You

182 x 68 x 81 cm

Recycled plastic, screws and bench anchors

A memorial park bench with the inscription, IN MEMORY OF YOU for the outdoor area of Sundholm in Copenhagen (DK). The bench has been imported from the USA, where memorial benches are common in public parks etc. A fusion between the public and private space is taking place. And this is also evident in the area of Sundholm, which consists of shelters for homeless and drug addicts, youth prison, kindergarten, conference centers, and more. Sundholm is primarily a shared and social space with a huge mixture of people such as residents, workers, and many more. The usual personal message on memorial benches has now been changed to an ambiguous and openly message: In Memory of You. A message, which is aiming for the audience or the user of the bench. Is the bench in memory of you, me or the area of Sundholm?

The bench is permanent. It is daily being used by various people and it's open night and day for the public.