Girl on Blanket

80 x 120 x 115 cm.

Extended polystyrene, jesmonite, paper maché, lacquer, acrylic paint, artificial hair, textile etc.

The object is a six-year-old girl transformed into an army- and princess dressed Bratz doll.

Excerpts from the exhibition catalog:

Bratz are Barbie size toy dolls sporting make-up and a stylish, sexy outfit to match various style-icons like e.g. The Spice Girls. There are also DVDs and Computer Games available featuring, say, Bratz Rock Angelz. For this installation, the Bratz doll has been altered. It has a body the size of five-year-old girl's (1:1), but still sports a fully made-up teenage face. The doll's clothing is a princess-style dress made partially from camouflage-patterned fabric, a symbolic interplay between two powerful identities. "Bratz" has moved into the real life-situation of the airport - a physical clone of child and teenager sitting strangely on her blanket in the middle of everything.

Girl on Blanket is part of the exhibition: This Could Be the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship, Odense Airport, 2007.