Cherokee Underground

27,9 × 43,2 cm

B&W digital prints

A mapping project and walking tour made in collaboration with Ryan Pierce (US).

Together we made a map of subterranean passages— both natural and man-made— that may or may not exist beneath the residency neighborhood, Cherokee in St. Louis (US). We used this map as a starting point for discussing some of the bizarre and mysterious history associated with that specific place, and for asking questions about what we choose to preserve and what we would rather forget.

Underground, 2013

91,5 x 91,5 cm.

Underground sign in painted aluminum & badges with pin, 25mm in diameter for tour participants.

A sign was installed on the Luminary Center for the Arts’ building in the midst of the bustling business area on Cherokee street. The sign looks identical to the underground metro system of London, but instead of indicating the entrance to a train station, it serves as a reminder of the history buried beneath our feet. Both Ryan and I were new to St. Louis and these projects were inspired by the convergence of profound history— from mining and moonshining to The Underground Railroad— that has shaped this unique part of St. Louis.

In connection to the walking tour, badges (similar to the Underground sign) were also handed out to the walking tour guests.