Backyard History

My contribution for the Turku Biennial 2013. The project was selected as the winner project of the biennial by the director of Stockholm's Nationalmuseum, Mr Berndt Arell. The theme of the biennial was idyll:

Backyard History I

2 glass display cases (96 x 36 x 111 cm),
found shards of porcelain, earthenware, glass and knives from childhood garden and reproductions in porcelain and earthenware.

The items are displayed in the same way, as
the findings from the medieval Turku in the underground historical museum, Aboa Vetus, which is an archaeological excavation in the same building.

The following information is displayed on one of the display cases:

In 1983 my family and I moved into a house on the countryside. One day I stepped on a large shard of glass while playing in the garden. I didn’t realize what had happened until I noticed the bloody footprints behind me in the house. When I discovered the glass shard in my foot, the pain became unbearable. We found that the previous owners had used the garden as a dump and it was filled with broken glass and porcelain - restricting our play in the garden thereafter.

Backyard History II

Digital c-print (100 x 150 cm), a granite
boulder shipped from Denmark to Finland on EUR-pallet (120 x 80 x 65 cm) and a brass plaque with the following text:

In the years from 1950 – 1997 my
grandfather gathered a lot of stones from the
fields around his farm in Denmark. The
stones were a great burden and prevented
him from cultivating the land. With extreme
difficulty hundreds of stones of various sizes
were removed from the fields.