Access at own risk

4 restriction signs of 50 x 17,5 x 0,2 cm.

Four laminated vinyl signs with the text Adgang på eget ansvar (= Access at own risk), plastic sheets, screws and tape.

The signs are installed by the clearly marked entrances to the Sundholm neighborhood for the purpose of highlighting Sundholm as an isolated and well-defined territory.

The project is part of Koh-i-noor’s contribution titled DEM (= THEM) to the alternative art fair, alt_cph11 Encounters, which is located at The Factory of Art and Design at Sundholm, Copenhagen (DK).

Excerpts from the press release:

DEM is a label that can be attached to a group of individuals and in this way a psychological distance has been drawn and understanding has been refused. Through DEM we want to highlight the imbalance of the social order and focus on the exclusionary and anti-social, which will be on view at the stand and through interventions in the community. With DEM we wish to establish a space, which is placed on the borderline of the concept of the art fair and within a framework of the unsociable.

For more information about Alt_cph11 Encounters, please click here.